[Oct 28]Halloween Nerikiri Workshop

◇ Learn how to make two kinds of Nerikiri from scratch. 

 ◇ Choose your favorite tea bowl and make your own Matcha green tea using a bamboo whisk. Matcha green tea goes well with Nerikiri!! 

 ◇ This class for beginners who would like to make the delicious and kawaii seasonal Nerikiri.  

Oct 28 14:30-17:00
Oct 28 18:00-20:30

 If the class is taught in both English and Japanese, finishing time may over the estimated time schedule. 


 A share space near by the Sensoji Temple, Asakusa 

 - 4min. on foot from Tawaramachi Station, 田原町駅 (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) 
 - 6min. on foot from Asakusa Station, 浅草駅 (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Toei Asakusa Line, Tobu Skytree Line, etc ) ※ I will send you an address when your reservation is confirmed. 

 ■ Participation Cost: ¥2,500 

 ■ Participants : Max. 6 

 Class will be held in Japanese and/or English according to the language participants speak. 

 ■What to bring: an apron and a towel 

〔 Time Table 〕 

 1)Lesson Start!!  

 - self-introduction of each other -brief introduction of the origin of the name "Nerikiri" and the story behind the monthly motifs 

 2)Make Nerikiri dough from scratch

 - Nerikiri recipe is modified as simple as possible so that you can make easily at home using simple ingredients (white red bean paste, mochi powder, and sugar) and microwave 

 ※ You will cooperate with other participants in making Nerikiri dough. 

 3) Color the Nerikiri dough 

 - We will use food color made with natural materials. 

 4)Shape the Nerikiri dough 

 - Wrap the bean paste ball with Nerikiri dough. Shape the dough into designs by using specialized tools, cotton clothes, triangular sticks and etc. 

 ※ You will make three Nerikiri (two kinds). 

 5)Taste Nerikiri with Matcha green tea !!

Make a tea using a bamboo whisk and taste with a Nerikiri you made. 

 6)Clean up 

 Please help us cleaning up while having a friendly chat with other participants. 

 Thank you for sharing your time with us!! 

 After the class, please enjoy the sightseeing around Asakusa. 

We are willing to tell you our favorite place to visit, eat and shop in Asakusa.

 Please feel free to ask us any question you have ; )      


WaNavi House Nerikiri lesson in Tokyo

Kawaii wagashi class in Tokyo unique experience in Tokyo, Japan


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