April 8th Nerikiri lesson at Asakusa

5guests joined Nerikiri lesson and made Nerikiri with bush warbler and cherry blossom shapes. 

Two students arrived first and started first to make Nerikiri dough from scratch for the class. We usually team up and split the part for the process. I bet it was hard work for two to prepare for five.

I appreciate their help!

Class was told in Japanese and English. We had 3 Japanese guests and 2 guests from abroad.

There are two guests from Spain who lives in Paris. They spoke Spanish, French, English, and also are learning Japanese. They were into Japanese onomatopoeia. We told each other how to say things in our language.

We laughed a lot in a class!! 
Making Nerikiri into shapes.

She is making matcha green tea and had with a piece of Nerikiri.

They liked taste of anko inside; red bean paste and white bean paste with cherry blossom flavor.

Very cute Nerikiri!!!!! 
Nicely done(*´꒳`*)

Thanks again all for joining the class♪

WaNavi House Nerikiri lesson in Tokyo

Kawaii wagashi class in Tokyo unique experience in Tokyo, Japan


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