April 2nd Galette and Nerikiri party

We hosted Galette and Nerikiri party at Asakusa.

Galette from France and Nerikiri from Japan seems like mismatch combination but we had a good time exchanging each culture.

We prepared ingredients of galette together while letting the dough rest.

We cut bananas and stairfried bacons, paprika, shimeji mushrooms and spinach.

He is an expert of making galette who happens to make Galette very often at home.

He participated as a student but kindly showing how to make them and when is the time to flip and to be done.

Time to eat(*´∇`*)

We cut Galette into a half to try various combinations!!

After we enjoyed Galette, we made two Nerikiri each with cherry blossom shapes, one with sweet red bean paste and the other with black sesame paste inside. 

Most of participants were their first time to make Nerikiri and they all did good job!!

I had forgotten to take picture of them making Nerikiri。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。

WaNavi House Nerikiri lesson in Tokyo

Kawaii wagashi class in Tokyo unique experience in Tokyo, Japan


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