March 23rd Spring Nerikiri Lesson

4 students joined in one day Nerikiri class and made Nerikiri from scratch.

Nerikiri lesson was held at Asakusa. Some of them stopped by the Kappabashi utility street and enjoyed shopping. It is very fun place to visit for those who love cooking!!

I asked them "What made you join in the Nerikiri class".

Their answers were....

● Last  time, I joined in the Nerikiri class for beginners and I enjoyed it very much. This time, I thought Nerikiri in Cherry blossom and bush warbler shapes was very cute and wanted to try making them!

● I also joined in the Nerikiri class for beginners and tried to make some at home. I wanted to learn more varieties from hands-on experience.

● I like to cook and join in workshop to learn how to cook dishes in various kinds. I was interested in learning how to make Nerikiri.

● I usually bake cakes and did not have much chance to make Japanese confectionery. I wanted to add Nerikiri in my sweet repertoire.

I'm really glad that they participated in our lesson!!

★lesson photos↓★

Students were paired to make Nerikiri dough working in good cooperation. 

Wrapping a bean paste ball with Nerikiri dough

I am showing how to make nerikiri in a bush warbler shape.

All works are done!! Everyone did good job(*´∇`*)

Make own matcha green tea.
They enjoyed their Nerikiri with tea.

WaNavi House Nerikiri lesson in Tokyo

Kawaii wagashi class in Tokyo unique experience in Tokyo, Japan


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