made Nerikiri with friends from high school

My friends from high school visited me to make spring Nerikiri(*^▽^*)
We started from making Nerikiri dough from scratch. It had been for a while since we met the last, so we couldn't stop talking and caught up each other.

Nerikiri making has to be done quickly, not to let the dough cold and dry.
Our Nerikiri making went so well. I was surprised by how quickly and efficiently we arranged even though we were chatting a lot. 

There are the Nerikiri sweets my friends made!!!! 
Two with bush warbler motifs and one with cherry blossom motif
Nicely done♡

This time, I made Nerikiri together with them. 
Bush warbler motifs are very difficult to make(>_<)

We ate them with brown rice tea!

WaNavi House Nerikiri lesson in Tokyo

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