cherry blossom viewing last year

This is my favorite style of cherry blossom viewing.

Potluck party under the cherry blossom trees(*´∇`*)

Green salad, potato salad, fried chickens, stir fried noodles, French fries, soy sause flavored eggs......and more!!!!!!

We are much more attracted to foods and drinks than to viewing cherry blossoms beautifully blooming above us....

We excuse this situation by saying the phrase; "Hana Yori Dango".

Literally translated as "we prefer Dango to Hana".

Hana= flower, cherry blossoms
Yori = better than, over
Dango = dumprings, popular sweets to eat at cherry blossom viewing

"Pudding rather than fame" and "Bread is better than the songs of birds" in English.

By the way, I brought....

Two layer Bean jelly with Sakura and green tea flavors.

Sakura mochi, sweet red bean paste wrapped with grained sweet sticky rice, topped with salted cherry blossom flowers.

Finally, a photo of cherry blossom trees!!!

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