Cherry bloosom season is coming soon in Japan

Spring is my favorite season! Spring flowers start to bloom and greet us with spring colors♪

I also love to eat spring sweets with strawberries, Sakura flavor, Matcha green tea flavor, and more.  

You can easily find them at any super market in Japan.

Around this time of the year, cherry blossom forecast is on my mind. 

Cherry Blossom Forecast of 2017 was released by JMC,Japan Meteorological Corporation.

In Tokyo Area
Forecasted Flowering Date ------  3/19
Forecasted Full Bloom Date ------  3/29

This information is from 5th forecast announced by JMC. 

Cherry blossom forecasted date will be updated frequently. 

Please update your information from their official webpage.

Here is JMC official webpage.

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