Would you like to experience something unique in Japan?

How about the experience of 

cute and delicious Japanese sweets, Nerikiri?

練り切り教室♪ かわいくて美味しい和菓子を作ってみませんか?

What is Nerikiri?

Nerikiri is a kind of wagashi, Japanese confectionery, which is mostly served during a tea ceremony.

If you have an experience of visiting the Japanese tea house or the Japanese garden, you may have tried nerikiri before.

We have tradition to celebrate the four seasons with wagashi in Japan.Seasonal flowers, scenes, and events are beautifully expressed in wagashi by using seasonal materials, motifs, and colors. Nerikiri has been enjoyed by its deliciousness and sophisticated beauty by Japanese for a long time.

Fundamental ingredients of the nerikiri dough are white kidney bean paste and Gyuhi (a kind of rice cake made of glutinous rice flour ). Neriki dough is glutinous and has very soft and smooth texture. Anko (red or white bean paste, sometimes seasonally flavored ) is wrapped by nerikiri dough and shaped by specialized tools and techniques.

Nerikiri Art

Nerikiri is a delicious confection and at the same time, is a piece of edible art.

To became a nerikiri master, skilled craftsmanship and years of training is required. But don't worry, I am here to teach you how to enjoy "Nerikiri as an Art". What you need is just a curiosity to experience something unique in Japan, delicious and cute Nerikiri !! 

Nerikiri Class

Seasonal Nerikiri with Macha green tea

You will learn....

-how to make Nerikiri dough from scratch

- how to form Nerikiri by using specialized tools

- little bit about Japanese culture and history through the story behind the seasonal motifs.

¥2,500/ person